Visitors from Changsha Normal University

On 31 July 2017 our college received a delegation of six colleagues from Changsha Normal University (China, Hunan Province).  Changsha Normal has been training teachers for early childhood for more than 60 years, thus being one of the oldest normal schools for preschool teachers’ education in China. The Chinese colleagues were interested in the system of preschool education and the training of kindergarten teachers in Hungary.

The conditions and possibilities of a 3-year future cooperation were laid down in a Memorandum of Understanding signed by Rector Dr. Józsefné Libor of AVCC and Vice President Dr. Pi Jungong of Changsha Normal University.  Plans include joint methodological research and publications, participation at conferences, exchange of good practices, workshops, part-time training offered to Chinese students and a specialized postgraduate program for Chinese kindergarten teachers, both in English language.

The following day the Chinese guests visited Meséskert integrating kindergarten in the 13th district of Budapest.  The Green and Bird-friendly kindergarten is one of the newest passive house developments in Budapest in a typical urban setting with a low energy consumption, providing a nice and big green garden, a spacious roof-playground, two well-equipped gyms, rooms to meet special needs (salt room, special development and speech therapy rooms),  filtered air to fend off respiratory diseases etc. In the kindergarten there are also five groups where native English teachers of the Boys and Girls Activity Centers of Hungary help to create an English-speaking environment for the children. The Boys and Girls Activity Centers of Hungary is the first sister-club in Europe of the Boys and Girls Club of America. The activities of the English groups are based on the one person-one language principle, and facilitate the acquisition of English in a natural everyday kindergarten setting instead of the foreign language teaching of a traditional school-like lesson. The English kindergarten teacher, together with his/her Hungarian counterpart, takes part in the life of the group, in the everyday activities, initiations and care, communicating with the children in English. An intense time of the day for the language development is circle time, when a special topic is dealt with in Hungarian as well as in English.  This way, the children acquire English language patterns and vocabulary that can give a solid foundation for the further bilingual school education.

The kids playing happily in the bright summer morning, the dedicated staff and the exceptional facilities of Meséskert kindergarten all made a good impression on the Chinese colleagues.



augusztus 7, 2017