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Travelling to Apor Vilmos Catholic College, Vác, Hungary

From Budapest Airport to Nyugati pályaudvar (Western Railway Station, which is Budapest city centre)

You always have to buy your tickets (either for the bus or the train) in advance from a ticket machine or at a ticket office.

From the Airport you can take bus No 200E to Ferihegy Railway Station (5th stop), where you can change to a train which takes you to Nyugati pályaudvar (Western Railway Station), which is the last stop. The train goes quite frequently.

From Nyugati pályaudvar (Western Railway Station) you should take a train to Vác. There are the so called zone (in Hungarian zónázó) trains No Z70 every hour at 07 (e.g.: 8.07), which do not stop until Vác Railway Station (take around half an our). But in Vác you have to get off the train, because it goes on. Or there are passanger trains No S70, which stop at every station and take around 45 mins, but the last stop is Vác, so you cannot miss it. These trains start from Nyugati every hour at 15 or 45 (e.g.: 8.15 or 8.45).

From Vác Railway Station it's only 15 minutes walk to get to the college.

Apor Vilmos Catholic College
Konstantin tér 1-5
H- 2600 Vác, Hungary

Here is a map (the college is next to the Cathedral - No 5 on the map - on the right side).