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Study Programmes in Foreign Languages

Pre-School Teacher BA Degree Programme in English


Duration of the training: 6 semesters

Professional qualification: Pre-school teacher

Level of the degree to be issued: bachelor (BA)

Type of training: Part-time

Specialization (not obligatory):

  • Pre- school teacher training with German ethnic minority specialization
  • Pre- school teacher training with Roma ethnic minority specialization

The training modules are offered in English.

The objectives of the training:

  • To train experts who are capable of and dedicated to educating children of 3-7 years of age after acquiring profound theoretical knowledge, competencies and skills.
  • To offer up-to-date knowledge in the fields of psychology and value-oriented pedagogy for preschool teacher students to make them capable of adapting to new and changing social and pedagogical requirements.
  • To provide would-be teachers with the necessary knowledge in the field of methodology so as to make them  able to teach children of different abilities.
  • To get  the teacher students  to be familiar with  national traditions so that they can convey these values to preschool children.
  • To offer academic education of high quality in the fields of sciences and arts while also emphasizing the importance of practicum in  preschool education
  • To develop the students’ foreign language skills and intercultural competencies by offering a variety of English and German language courses and through promoting internationalization: students are encouraged to learn abroad and to do internship in other countries.

Preschool Teacher Internship:

Students participate in preschool teacher internship individually and in groups. They  are supervised by mentor teachers at the  preschools designated by the college for internship. Portion of the practicum not spent at  the preschools designated by the college, can be accomplished by the students at any preschool, nursery school, primary school the students choose.

Work Possibilities:

The pre-school teacher degree entitles the holder to fulfill positions at pre-schools under different ownership (local council, church foundation and private). Feedback about finding a workplace is very assuring; our students have had a great selection to choose from in the past years. Students in their third year can already obtain a job. Work possibilities change regionally. Students who graduate from our college have the advantage of finding a position at a Catholic pre-school.

Postgraduate Possibilities:

After obtaining their degree, our students have the possibility to continue their education in the MA Pedagogy Sudy Programme. Our college offers a variety of specialized postgraduate training programmes and suplementary postgraduate specialized courses for teachers holding a degree in Early Education.